Our Story
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Our Story

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Born in 1937, Giuseppe Capogreco always dreamed of moving to Australia. His parents told him that when you understand the land and what it could offer, then you can go for it. Arriving in 1955, Giuseppe started his new life in Australia by purchasing a stretch of untouched land in the Adelaide hills suburb of Teringie, in which he planned to create his own wine.

The South Australian hills are perfect for planting grapes, with a unique geographical position and climate conditions, with cool winds flowing up the valleys. The sunshine, pure air and fertile soil rich with minerals nourish the incomparable high-quality grapes.


In Italy wine has been an indispensable part of people daily life, dating back to ancient times, and it’s the most important drink to be shared and enjoyed with family and friends.

In order to alleviate the homesickness for Italy, the first thing that Giuseppe Capogreco did on his arrival to Australia was plant grape vines to remember his days in Italy. When the ancient Italian wine making techniques collide with unspoilt natural environments in Australia, it’s the formula of premium wine.

The SA climate and soil provided a strong foundation for Giuseppe to produce premium wines. Even now, the original vineyard is still growing grapes for family wine making.


Giuseppe’s wines were initially produced for distribution within the local community, but as word of mouth spread over the years, the wine’s reputation spread far and wide, and supply succumbed to the limits of production.

The family kept on improving grape planting methods and wine making techniques for many years, sparing no effort to maintain high quality wines.

More lands were invested in including areas in Euston, NSW and Mildura.

A new story of wine dream and heritage had begun.

Teringie Estate Wines

Refined by time, the inheritance of family spirit and wine making technique has been going through generations. In 2011, the family rebranded the wines and Teringie Estate Wines was born.

The name is to honor the initial vineyard in the exclusive suburb of Teringie in the Adelaide hills and the persistence for producing outstanding wines. The same year, Teringie Estate build up long-term strategic cooperation with wineries from Langhorne creek through to the Riverland. Teringie now has the spoils of vineyards aging over 125 years through to 10 years vineyards to deliver wines of a broad spectrum.

TEW has expanded its reach internationally, primarily focused on the Chinese market, as the drinking cultures have high similarities to the Italian culture. Now with its first cellar door in Longyan, Fujian province and also warehousing facilities in Shanghai, which is able to distribute all the wines across china Teringie Estate Wines has solidified its as a trusted brand of high class Australian wines.